MRI Simulator

The MRI simulator allows users to interact with a clinical MRI interface to generate a set of images and see how they were created from the kspace data. The contrast can be adjusted using models based on the Bloch equations in real time. A range of images of different body parts are available to display and image planning can be used just like on a full clinical MRI system. Gradient sounds  can be heard through your computer sound system while the sequence waveforms are plotted, the software updates the MRI signal on each phase encode view and the kspace data and evolving image are displayed.The simulator is useful for Radiologists and Radiographers in training to experience how an MRI system works and for CPD. Copyrighted in 2012 - the 'Scantime' simulator (based on the commercially available Niche clinical MRI interface) was first sold to SEGI University in Malaysia in 2013. The digital twin scanner was used over a web interface in conjunction with anatomical and physics models, scan parameter and sequence inputs and a wireless biopsy planning simulator option for on-line training of MRI instructors and students at the University.


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