About Us

imaginSYS (Imaging Systems Design Ltd.) is an innovative Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Spectrocopy and Industrial Automation company based in the UK. Our aim has always been to make MRI affordable and accessible worldwide.




imaginSYS was formed in 2008 to develop advanced MRI spectrometers and software working closely with its sister company InnerVision MRI Ltd., which was founded in 1993, and holds a key patent on off-grid, portable, shielded MRI systems for imaging adult heads, extremities and neonates. Systems have been installed around the globe over the last three decades.

The innovative Niche MRI scanner won a British Design Council Millennium Products Award and featured in the Millennium Dome in 2000 and is FDA 510K cleared for marketing. Systems have been in successful operation for many years including an installation on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, with ultra-low running costs, as the magnets require no power or cryogens. 


The Niche MRI system is now featured in the new Wellcome Medical Gallery at the Science Museum in London. 




imaginSYS has developed a novel multi-channel digital MRI spectrometer with advanced software and sequences used in our own products up to 200MHz and which are also available for use on OEM spectrometers, with highly competitive pricing.

imaginSYS Insert Gradient and RF Systems can be used with our multi-channel spectrometer on conventional clinical MRI systems with no disturbance to the hardware or software, to increase performance and flexibility for research applications. 

​​​More recent developments include automation and robotics for medical, industrial and commercial applications using artificial intellgence (AI) algorithms. AI is being used for object detection and recognition for control feedback and is also being applied to advanced MRI acquisition and image reconstruction.

imaginSYS designs, hosts and maintains websites for a number of charitable organisations, cost free for those organisations, including:


Radiological Research Trust


MRIS History Organisation


Other Useful Links:

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