Specialty Scanners Interventional MRI with imaginSYS Spectrometer

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Specialty Scanners has successfully developed an Intra-Operative MR Scanner using an imaginSYS spectrometer, with a unique rotational and translational patient handling system providing an excellent platform for diagnostic MRI and real-time MRI-guided interventional procedures. The system has been optimised for breast MRI but can be used for many other anatomical regions. The superconducting magnet operating at 0.5T is extrememly short, at 700mm providing excellent access to the patient for interventions, but has a massive 700mm aperture to allow flexible positioning. An RF screened touch-screen monitor enables the scanner to be fully controlled from within the scan room. The software running on the imaginSYS multi-channel spectrometer provides biopsy targeting to the location of the tumour using a surface fiducial marker for the biopsy needle entry and selects the appropriate imaging plane and needle trajectory.

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