Neonatal Scan Incubator

A neonatal MRI scan incubator has been developed in association with Advanced Health Technology. Not many institutions have access to MRI on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. An alternative strategy to image neonates is to safely transport them from the NICU to the MRI department in the hospital.  This requires the temperature and humidity and patient monitoring to be carefully observed as the incubator and neonate are transported to the MRI department on a non-magnetic trolley.  The AHT incubator has been used to safely scan hundreds of babies at field strengths of 1.5T and 3T and provides excellent visibility of the baby during imaging, unlike some competitive systems.   

An incubator suitable for the Niche Neonatal MRI system is also available, including a new mesh shielded version, which removes the requirement for the magnet to be in a screened room, while providing full visibility of the baby during imaging, unlike some competitive systems. This incubator has been used in hundreds of neonatal clinical MRI studies on the NICU.

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