MRI Sequences

Standard sequence package

  • Proton density weighted SE
  • T1 weighted SE
  • T2 weighted SE
  • Multi-echo SE
  • White Matter Weighted Inversion Recovery SE (WMIR SE)
  • Gray Matter Weighted Inversion Recovery SE (GMIR SE)
  • Short Tau Inversion Recovery SE (Fat Suppression STIR SE) 
  • Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery SE (Fluid Suppression FLAIR SE
  • Fast Spin Echo (FSE)
  • In and opposed phase GE (GE water+fat, GE water-fat)
  • Spoiled GE (FLASH)
  • Balanced GE (FISP)
  • Reversed GE (PSIF)
  • White Matter Weighted Inversion Recovery GE (WMIR GE)
  • Gray Matter Weighted Inversion Recovery GE (GMIR GE)
  • Short Tau Inversion Recovery GE (Fat Suppression STIR GE)
  • Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery GE (Fluid Suppression FLAIR GE)
  • In and opposed phase 3D GE (water+fat 3D GE, water-fat 3D GE)
  • Spoiled 3D GE (3D FLASH)
  • Balanced 3D GE (3D FISP)
  • Reversed 3D GE(3D PSIF)
  • 3 Orthogonal Plane Scout
  • Frequency Tune
  • Shim
  • Radiofrequency Calibration

Advanced package options

  • GE sequences with flow compensation (GE-MAST)
  • SE sequences with flow compensation (SE-MAST)
  • Phase contrast (PC)

Spectroscopy package 

  • Free Induction Decay (FID)
  • Spin Echo (SE)
  • Stimulated Echo Acquisition Mode (STEAM)
  • Point Resolved Spectroscopy (PRESS)
  • Multi-Echo Spectroscopic Acquisition (MESA)

Fast sequence package 

  • Short TR TE Acquisition (STREACQ)
  • Single Shot Fast Spin Echo (SSFSE)
  • Echo Planar Imaging (EPI SE & GE)
  • 3D Fast Spin Echo (3D FSE)

Contrast preparation, mapping and parallel sequence package 

  • Partially Refocussed Interleaved Multi Echo (PRIME  T2, T2*, T2' maps)
  • Gradient and Spin Echo (GRASE Fast imaging)
  • Simultaneous Parallel Inclined Readout Imaging Technique (SPIRIT Multi-band parallel SENSE imaging)
  • Magnetisation Transfer Contrast (MTC)
  • Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
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