Gradient and Radiofrequency Coil Insert Systems

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Article on Multi-Channel Spectrometer with Gradient and RF Coil Insert

Gradient and RF Insert coils for clinical MR systems linked to the imaginSYS fully independent MR spectrometer. A range of sizes are available with maximum gradient strengths from 25 to 200MT/m with an integrated transmit coil and 8-32 channel receive array tuned to any required frequency.

  • Range of Gradient & RF array inserts for clinical MR systems operating at 1.5T, 3T or 7T
  • Bore size options: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
  • Gradients strengths up to 200mT/m dependent on insert bore size
  • Integrated volume Transmit coil
  • Integrated eight channel Receive array
  • Range of Surface and Volume coils for Proton and Multi-Nuclear Imaging and Spectroscopy


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