InnerVision MRI Extremity and Neonatal MRI Systems

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  • Lancet Article - Neonatal MRI on the Niche

    Dedicated MR systems for orthopaedic and neonatal MRI with full FDA 510K clearance. The Niche was the first ever FDA cleared extremity MRI system to use advanced Neodymium magnetic material to produce a lightweight, easy access 0.2T MRI with extremely low acoustic noise and a large uniform field of 160mm. The small footprint of 500x530mm means the patient does not have to stretch to image their leg as the other leg easily fits down the side of the magnet. No power or cryogens are needed for the magnet, meaning operating costs are extremely low and the spectrometer can be operated from a single mains outlet ot even battery power for mobile operation in remote locations anywhere around the globe. Systems have been operational for over 25 years with minimal maintenance required. Portable versions of the Niche for extremity and head imaging with shielded patient vehicles and RF grounding are covered in our original patent issued in 1993. The Niche system was awarded a Millennium Products Award by the British Design Council in 2000. 

    The Niche features an advanced 0.2T Neodymium Permanent Magnet

Detailed specification

  • 15mT/m gradients
  • Full range of standard imaging sequences
  • 750x200mm aperture
  • Non-claustrophobic scanning
  • Windows software
  • 4 standard coils 100mm Surface, 100mm Volume, 150mm Surface, 150mm Volume
  • FDA 510K Clearance for Extremity and Neonatal MRI
  • Units with over 20 years trouble free service
  • Light 500Kg weight
  • Fringe field within 300mm
  • Single standard mains outlet power requirement
  • Dedicated compact shielded room options for EM screening
  • Mesh shielded incubators for neonatal MRI
  • DICOM Images
  • Ultra-low life cycle costs


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