ISD MRI Spectrometers

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ISD MRI Spectrometers
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Transceiver System 

  • RF System Operating Frequency 250KHz-300MHz
  • Frequency Resolution 1 Hz Receiver Digital Quadrature
  • Receiver Gain 60 db
  • 8-32 Data Acquisition Channels
  • 8  Channels supplied as standard
  • Sampling Rate Maximum 2MSPS ,
  • Channel Sampling Resolution 14-16 Bits
  • Transmitter Digital profile generation
  • RF Modulator Output Voltage (max 200mV into 50 Ohms)
  • RF Gate Output Voltage (max +/-10V)
  • Gradient System Gradient Output (max) +/- 10V for X,Y,Z axes (can be limited to user specification)
  • Resolution 16 Bits Maximum Output Rate 1MHz
  • Channel Pre-Emphasis Programmable digital filter for each axis


  • Control/Display System - Industry Standard PC 
  • Display: high resolution digital monitor
  • Image format: LabView .lvm Raw Data Format LabView .lvm, DICOM
  • Image reconstruction/store < 0.2 seconds per image, 2DFT, 256 x 256 matrix
  • Network Ethernet 100 MBits/Sec: Note – we recommend system is not connected to a network
  • Hard Copy Standard PC Printers


  • Operating System : Windows
  • Menus, Dialog Boxes, Scroll Bars
  • Study Register
  • Select Sequence
  • Scan - Set up scan parameters
  • Calibrate - Manual using Tune Sequence
  • Process - 2DFT/3DFT Reconstruction module
  • Display - Window and Level Greyscale images
  • System parameter  edit
  • User defined sequence edit  through Waveform Editor (option)
  • Help - Pdf file with user instructions

System Dimensions

  • System Interface Enclosure 26U 19” Rack Total Weight 100Kg
  • Power Requirements Inlet Single phase filtered mains Voltage 240 V AC 50 Hz Power Consumption < 3kVA
  • Power Conditioner Optional (Imaging Systems Design Ltd reserve right to specify)
  • Earth Bonding To appropriate UK National Standards (PAT testing required on site)
  • Environmental Requirements - Temperature Temperature controlled room ( +/- 1C over enclosure)
  • No direct sunlight on system enclosure/monitors)
  • Humidity <70% non-condensing
  • The spectrometer can be located in the technologists scan room or the techniques room.
  • An umbilibal cable and filter panel are used with a standard waveguide.
  • An Independent  Research Coil Insert System is located within the magnet bore.
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