MR Software

MR Software


*Wireless accelerometer guided MR planning option



  • Study registration with name, weight, sex & comments fields
  • Simple scan page operation with real time image parameter adjustment
  • Easy sequence selection
  • Standard MR sequence library plus optional research packages
  • User edited and stored protocols
  • Auto frequency tune, RF calibrate & shim functions
  • Real time MR signal, FFT and updating Sequence display
  • SAR and dB/dt calculation and display

Scan Modes

  • Oblique Scanning
  • Offset, Sequential and Dynamic Scan modes
  • Cartesian, Radial and 3D Scan modes
  • 3 Plane Scout mode


  • k-space display - 8 channel
  • 8 channel phased array Rx recon standard
  • Up to 32 channel Rx array HW & SW options
  • Auto 2D multislice FFT recon
  • Auto 3D multislice FFT recon
  • Auto EPI recon - optional sequence
  • Auto FSE recon - optional sequence
  • Auto SSFSE recon - optional sequence
  • Auto STREACQ recon for UTE - optional sequence 
  • SENSE recon option - offline or auto
  • Image recon preview function
  • Auto DICOM, bitmap and kspace files

Display and Graphical Planning Software

  • Dual 6 window image display for image comparisons
  • Independent contrast on each image set
  • Cursors
  • Horizontal & Vertical profiles
  • Mean & SD ROI
  • Image selector
  • Oblique slice planning from 3 plane scout
  • Biopsy Plan targeting option
  • *Wireless accelerometer guided planning option

Sequence Development Software

  • Advanced MR Sequence waveform editor includes waveform time and amplitude scaling
  • Standard sequences can be copied and easily edited
  • Built in functions e.g. sin(x)/x, trapezoid, pulse, Hanning ...
  • Stored waveforms in industry standard Labview .wfm and .bin formats
  • Adjustable points/output rates
  • Sequence waveforms displayed automatically in scan software
  • Sequences consist of eight control channels
  • RF, X, Y, Z, ADC Start, RF gate 1, RF gate 2, Synthesiser Trigger
  • Simple text file defines all scan parameters for the user interface for easy user protocol creation